Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Food Waste Dewatering Screw Press Machine

Food waste dewatering screw press is widely used in paper industry, agriculture and food industry. This machine has a unique design, which can separate solids from thin liquid or viscous material flow. With a large flow rate, the screened solids can reach a certain degree of dryness after further extrusion. It is an energy-saving, efficient, simple and environmentally friendly screw extrusion separator, also known as the screw dehydrator.

Food waste dewatering machine can separate the moisture in the food waste, make the impurities reach a certain dryness through separation and extrusion, and reduce the moisture content, which is conducive to further anaerobic and aerobic treatment. The treatment capacity of the garbage is reduced, and the treated garbage can be fermented and incinerated to generate electricity, thereby realizing the road of sustainable development.

Advantages of dewatering screw press machine:

Due to its small size, compact structure, light weight, high efficiency, convenient installation and maintenance, and large treatment flow, the equipment is widely used to replace the traditional mesh belt filter press, and can be used in parallel with multiple machines, which can produce considerable economic benefits. Spiral dehydrator plays a vital role in food waste treatment.

With the wide use of screw dehydrator, it is not only limited to the squeezing and dewatering operation of high humidity materials before drying, but also becomes an indispensable equipment for food waste treatment enterprises.

The benefit of food waste dewatering screw press:

  • The main body of the screw dehydrator is made of stainless steel screen material, which greatly improves the opening rate, reduces the aperture, reduces the loss of fibers and greatly improves the processing efficiency.
  • The spiral dewatering equipment adopts a single spiral structure, and the size of the pulp outlet can be adjusted, so that the overall production capacity of the equipment is large, the concentration rate is high, and the cost performance is high.
  • Because the structure of the single helix has greater extrusion and separation capacity and stronger fiber untwining effect, the single helix is more suitable for the extrusion and separation of fruit and vegetable lamps containing fibers.
  • The spiral dehydrator has the advantages of simple structure, small occupied area, easy installation, easy maintenance and management, and greater use value and play a greater role compared with the old-fashioned equipment.
  • Due to the reasonable design of the internal structure of the spiral dehydration equipment, the service life is longer.
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