Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

How to separate plastic from expired food?

Food waste and expired food are on the rise, and just because people don’t talk about it doesn’t mean the problem isn’t there or widespread. In many food establishments, supermarkets and canteens, a large proportion of the regular waste production consists of packaged products. They usually consist of two completely different types of materials, making them a very difficult and expensive piece of junk to dispose of. A common solution to dispose of expired food is to send it directly to landfills, which has a double negative impact: on the one hand, it has an economic impact on the company’s business, leading to the outflow of waste disposal funds, and on the other hand, it inevitably pollutes the environment.

How to separate plastic from expired food?

To solve this macro problem, Siedon Technology has developed a new type of expired food depackaging equipment, which provides a way for food companies to separate plastic bags or impurities. The core of the solution lies in the recovery of inorganic materials, and the inorganic impurities can be recycled after separation.

The market’s growing need to find a profitable and sustainable solution to the packaging waste problem has led Hi-Dun to develop its compact “ready-to-use” unpacking pulping system, which can easily accommodate even the smallest of environments. Siedon waste food depacgaking machine was born around a very simple concept: an all-in-one depackaging equipment that is easy to transport, install, and manage.

plastic separation of expired food

Siedon depackaging machine is a solution that can handle the separation of organic and inorganic substances: kitchen waste containing impurities, expired food in supermarkets, food waste containing plastic bags and wooden chopsticks.

Advantages of expired food depackaging machine:

  • Versatility and ease of use;
  • Low energy consumption, low maintenance, integrated predictive maintenance, can optimize management and maintenance time and cost;
  • The cost of disposal is reduced to zero;
  • Hard wear-resistant alloy surfacing, hardness 54 ~ 62HRC, extremely durable;
  • Output/Capacity up to 30 tons per hour;
  • Circular economy and carbon emission reduction;
  • Additional features: Various screen and hopper, tipper or conveyor feeding options.
separate plastic from expired food
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