Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Screw Press Dehydrator

Most of the domestic waste can be recycled and used as organic “bio-pulp” for biogas plants. Siedon Tech has developed screw press dehydrator and depackaging machine, and provides customers with excellent kitchen waste solutions to optimize the production efficiency of biogas plants, waste treatment centers and composting plants.

Screw Press Dehydrator
Screw Press Dehydrator

In order to be able to extract the organic part of the household waste, the household waste goes through a crushing system in which the organic material is crushed together with plastics and other materials. Such plastic waste and other non-organic materials are high moisture content waste after shredding. The installation of screw press dehydrator on the production line can significantly reduce the water content and reduce the weight of garbage by more than 50%.In addition, more organic material is collected from the waste and can be added to the “energy soup” of biogas.

Screw press dewatering machine is a solid-liquid separator based on screw conveyor technology, which uses gravity and mechanical compression to separate the liquid phase from the solid phase of various materials, such as kitchen waste, dregs, sewage, bamboo shoots, vegetable and fruit processing waste, and solid-liquid mixtures in which the percentage of solid to liquid is high. Dewatering screw presses can easily adapt to a wide range of materials and applications, and their specially shaped screens are self-cleaning, ensuring reduced wear and tear.

With this solution, producers of bio-pulp from food waste significantly optimize their plants because they can reuse the dewatered water in their systems and save money on transporting and disposing of the remaining waste. Dehydrating food waste also reduces the volume and weight of the waste, saving you money on transportation and disposal.

Over the years, the screw press dehydrator machine has proven to be a powerful and reliable machine, designed to work 24/7 and process 1-5 tons of food waste per hour. When dehydrating from food waste, a moisture content of 55-70% can typically be achieved.

Solid-Liquid Separation
High Dewatering Efficiency


  • Dynamically adjust hydraulic pressure
  • Cone plug can be adjusted flexibly to adapt to changeable materials.
  • High-performance wear-resistant screen
  • Strong structure and smooth operation

Advantages of srew press dehydrator:

  1. Reduce the overall management cost of solid-liquid separation of anaerobic digester
  2. Significantly reduce assembly and maintenance times
  3. Continuous automatic operation for a long time, not easy to block
  4. Low investment and operation cost, no secondary pollution
  5. Energy saving and environmental protection, compact design, small footprint
  6. 2-year warranty period, long-term maintenance
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