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EPE Pearl Cotton Waste Recycling

EPE pearl wool waste is a polyethylene foam material commonly used in daily life, which can be completely recycled. Because of its short degradation time, it is also known as an environmentally friendly material, which is called a material that will not decline in the industry. Therefore, it has great recycling value and can be repeatedly recycled to the lining of boxes, life jackets, heat insulation, moisture-proof tents and other lining padding.

Because EPE is a kind of foam material with high elasticity, the recycling scheme can choose to crush EPE with a shredder, cut it into small pieces, and then extrude it into shape. It can be sold to recyclers at a high price in the market to make end products such as frame strips, and can also save storage space and transportation costs.

EPE Pearl Cotton Waste Recycling

In order to better deal with polyethylene foam materials such as EPE which can be recycled in the environment, the shredder came into being. The EPE shredder is an environmentally friendly solid waste recycling shredding equipment, which has the advantages of uniform discharge, high shredding rate and large output, and is widely used in the solid waste recycling industry. There are many different models of shredders, and each manufacturer of EPE shredder has its own characteristics, so how should we choose the right EPE shredder?This paper introduces several types of pearl cotton waste shredders commonly used in the market for your reference.

Single-shaft shredder

Single-shaft shredder, with strong medium crushing and fine crushing capacity, has the ability to crush materials with high hardness and large size.If you need finer EPE waste material, you can choose single-shaft shredder.

Double-shaft shearing shredder

The biaxial shearing shredder uses the working principle of mutual shearing, tearing and extrusion between cutters to process materials. It has the characteristics of large shearing force, good crushing effect, low noise, good stability and so on.The waste material of EPE pearl cotton is miscellaneous, and it can be selected if the processing capacity is large.

Two shaft shredder
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