Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Organic Waste Depackaging and Separating System

The main mechanism and the working principle of the organic waste depackaging and separating system is as follows:

a helical blade shaft is arranged in a vertical crushing cylinder cavity with meshes. When in operation, after the kitchen waste/kitchen waste is conveyed into the crushing cylinder cavity, the kitchen waste/food waste which has less fiber and is easy to be cut off and broken is cut into pulp by a rotating knife on the helical blade shaft which operates at a high speed and flows out of the crushing cylinder cavity through the meshes on the cylinder cavity, Inorganic substances larger than the mesh diameter of the screen are discharged.

Organic Waste Depackaging
Organic Waste Depackaging and Separating System

Advantages of Organic Waste Depackaging and Separating System:

  1. Siedon kitchen waste pulping machine separates the organic part from the inorganic waste, providing efficient separation effect;
  2. Our depackager is the core of orgainc waste recycling process, which can handle kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable waste, kitchen waste, agricultural products fermentation, animal feed, biogas residue, etc;
  3. The kitchen waste depackaging and separating system has the characteristics of firm and durable design and easy maintenance, and can complete the treatment of most kitchen waste by one pulping machine to realize multifunctional treatment;
  4. The key of Siedon Depackager is that it can produce organic slurry with high concentration and purity (> 99%) and remove impurities and garbage as much as possible.

On this basis, Siedon has also developed a new type of crushing, depackaging and dewatering all in one machine, which is specially designed for the separation of packaged organic matter, combining the functions of crusher, depackager and extrusion screw conveyor in one equipment. After the oraginc material (wet or dry) is loaded into the hopper, the organic part is separated from the inorganic package by crushing and depackaging. The consistency of the discharged organic matter can be adjusted according to the screen. Use one set of all-in-one machine to replace five sets of equipment matched by other manufacturers on the market, so as to streamline, optimize and reduce costs.

Food Waste Depackager
Organic Waste Depackaging and Separating System
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