Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Crushing Machine For Medical Waste Destruction

Siedon supplies complete plants for the shredding and processing of medical waste. The low-speed, high-torque shredder easily shreds the toughest medical-grade materials, from fabric to glass, plastic, and stainless steel instruments. Once shredded, these materials are ideal for thermal destruction and can also be sterilized and disposed of with regular waste.

We can provide the entire medical waste crushing machine system, which can be equipped with different equipment such as autoclave chamber, hoist, primary shredder, conveyor, fine shredder, and discharge screw conveyor according to the final size.

Medical Waste Crushing Machine

The working process of the medical waste crushing machine is as follows:

  • The staff takes the sterilized material box out of the autoclave chamber and puts it into the material box elevator along the guide rail.
  • The trash can lift lifts the medical trash can and pours it into the hopper of the coarse crusher.
  • The primary shredder shreds medical waste to 200-500mm.
  • The conveyor transports the primary crushed medical waste to the two-stage primary crushing machine.
  • The two-stage shredder shreds the waste twice through two vertical two-shaft shredders, and the final sheet size after shredding is about 50-100mm.
  • Discharge screw conveyors transport medical waste to trucks for landfill or further recycling.

Our crushing machine can be used to process and destroy fittings, fittings, red bag waste, sharps containers, boxed waste, pharmaceuticals and other general medical waste before or after a sterilization system. This can reduce the volume of garbage by up to 70%, achieving the purpose of destruction and volume reduction. Shredded material can be used as an alternative fuel or disposed of with municipal solid waste.

We also provide a small medical waste crusher designed for destruction, which can effectively destroy expired medicines and other items. It provides an efficient, safe and economical solution for any pharmacy, clinic or medical supply room. It has a small footprint and can be mounted on a removable frame for easy access.

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