Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Organic Waste Depacking

Siedon DK series organic waste depacking machine is a good assistant on unpacking the expired foodstuff which have drink inside and packing with plastic, paper, aluminium film, such as packaging beverage, soft drink, bottled water, milk drink. Packing food whose“best-by” date has passed are usually throw away directly as the rubbish. But actually, the packaging material such as plastic packing, aluminium cans, paper can be recycled.

Our industrial shredder and Organic waste depacker can destroy the packaging and separate the packaging material and drink inside automatically. With the high efficiency and reliable machine operating, you can save a lot of time and the cost of labor to manual operation. With our waste disposal equipment and system, organic waste can be used for animal feed and energy fermentation in the biogas industry.

Food waste depackaging

How to Work?

Food waste and organic waste are collected in a silo where trucks can enter and unload. The screw conveyor conveys the organic waste to the waste depacker machine. Organic and inorganic substances are discharged through a screen on one side and a discharge port on the other side, respectively. Parts that are easy to wear and tear in the equipment are easy to replace, and the interior of the equipment can be made of stainless steel, so that the inner cabin is not easily corroded and rusted by food. The final organic matter output is used for anaerobic digestion or feed production.

Siedon Technology can adapt our organic waste depacking recycling equipment to your specific product in order to separate organic and inorganic matter in the best way. Expansion and configuration in waste depacker, crushers, screw presses, centrifuges. This post-treatment reduces the organic content of the package to an absolute minimum and ensures an additional yield of organic material.

Since 2009, our waste depacker has been used to depack packaged food and dispose of organic waste, and our customers are very satisfied with it. Based on our expertise, we are happy to recommend the most suitable waste disposal equipment for your application.

Organic Waste Depacking

Video Of Waste Depacker:

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