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EPS Cold Press Machine Polystyrene Densifier

Polystyrene Densifier

In fact, the most widely used EPS is used as a packaging material to protect the integrity and freshness of various commodities and foods. For example, EPS foam has more volume than other materials at the same weight due to its low density. EPS has good impact resistance, and EPS is cheap, so EPS is the first choice for packers.

This is why EPS plastics account for more than half of the packaging materials. Their excellent performance and exciting cost performance make EPS plastic the preferred packaging for more businesses. Foam takes up a lot of space, and if left untreated, it can crowd out warehouses owned by Waste Management. Moreover, the accumulation of foam can easily cause fire.

It is unrealistic to abandon the use of EPS plastic, so it is time to make up our minds to promote the recycling of EPS packaging. For some large EPS packaging manufacturers and garbage disposal stations, a large number of EPS packaging wastes which are difficult to dispose of in time can be recycled by themselves, and only one EPS cold press machine is needed.

The Siedon EPS Cold Press Polystyrene Densifier can help you manage your waste EPS more efficiently and with outstanding results:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Recycle efficiency is improved
  • Labor cost is reduce
  • Minimize your carbon footprint
  • Better corporate image
Polystyrene Densifier
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