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EPS Compactor

EPS Compactor for Recycling Is the Most Economical Option

According to the newest paper released in Science, the amount of EPS waste that pollutes the sea has actually raised to 29 million tons per year by 2040, and also the waste is flooding. In certain, it is best to use a EPS foam compactor device for recycle.

EPS compactor equipment developed by SIEDON, a distinguished China trash compactor manufacturer, unlike other reusing equipment brands, SIEDON markets not only EPS foam compactors, but also waste baler and shredder for solid waste recycling.

Customers are interested not just in precision-manufactured EPS compactor device, but also in SIEDON’s extensive recycling experience. In order to supply better solution to our clients, SIEDON recognizes your foam waste scenario carefully, suggests foam compactors with suitable capacity according to the amount as well as type of waste, and additionally customizes the machine versions.

The EPS foam compactor is the earliest recycling equipment model created by SIEDON. After constant adjustment and renovation, EPS, XPS, PSP as well as other sorts of waste can be collected. All mechanical parts are provided by premium manufacturers such as Siemens, NSK, semi-automatic procedure, straightforward operation interface, almost no manual labor needed.

The focus of the SIEDON recycling economic cycle chain gets on EPS. SIEDON owns the whole EPS recycling industry chain and has excellent strength in recycled EPS.

So that is why EPS recycling with foam compactor is claimed to be the most affordable option for business.

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