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How to Recycle XPS Foam Waste?

What Is XPS?

XPS is extruded polystyrene foam Products, which is made by low-density polystyrene resin with cross-linking representative and foaming and continually at high temperature. Compared with PE foam (generally referred to as pearl cotton), it is resistant, the tensile stamina is higher and the cells are finer.

XPS is a perfect product for automotive and air-conditioning insulation. In the last few years, it has established quickly in the sports as well as leisure products market, such as surf boards, moisture-proof mats, yoga exercise mats, and so on. Just recently, it is commonly used in auto and product packaging sector.

XPS recycling

Why We Need XPS Recycling?

XPS material is usually made use of as a building and construction insulation board due to its great thermal insulation efficiency. It not just conserves resources but likewise plays a good function in stopping the cold. Nevertheless, a large number of insulation board scraps put a great deal of stress on the environment.

How To Recycle XPS Waste?

Therefore, we require to use the foam compression maker for processing. Whether it is screw XPS foam compactor or XPS recycling machine, it can substantially recycle XPS construction waste. The quantity decrease ratio varies from 40 to 60 times.

XPS foam waste that have been pressed by Siedon XPS foam compactor can be cost a high cost to recyclers or incurable makers for granulation into new items.

Presently, the primary service of Siedon recycling is to lower foam waste, compress it into blocks for granulation, as well as ultimately procedure into ended up products, such as picture structures, ornamental moldings, mirrors, and so on, which are environmentally friendly and also bring big financial advantages.

XPS compactor
XPS Compression
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