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Polystyrene Recycling

EPS Grinder For Polystyrene Recycling

As we known, waste EPS foam have pollution on the environment if not recycled as soon as possible. But now we designed the EPS grinder machine, waste EPS foam could be smashed into granules.

The EPS Grinder is designed for particle size reduction of Expanded Polystyrene. This shredding machine can reduce EPS Foam size up to 30 times – EPS flake size is in the range of 5-50 mm. It can shred multi materials include EPS/Styrofoam, EPE/PE, PUR foam, as well as XPS food tray and cups and production skeleton recycling. Siedon polystyrene grinder could smash waste plastic foam into granules and save space of waste foam.

Material like EPS block is fed by gravity to the inlet chamber at the top from where it is dragged into the crushing zone by the action of the two counter-rotating rolls.

The rolls are available in a variety of geometry with smooth or toothed crushing surface. The roll geometry and rotation speed configured depending on the specific project requirements. Adjustment of the crushing characteristics is possible by adjusting the distance between the rolls.

Advantages Of EPS Grinder:

  • Adaptable to a variety of particle sizes and material types
  • The two rolls are driven individually by a geared motor
  • Well arranged crusher knives for consistant flake sizes from 5mm to 50 mm
  • Easy maintenance and low operation cost
  • Large hoper for convenient feeding
  • Optional pneumatic conveying system available

Technical Data:

Moter Power   kW1.535.5+117.5+11
Shred Size  mm15-3015-305-155-15
Hopper Size  mm600*420850*6001000*5001300*500
Capacity  kg/h5015080-150100-180
Machine Size  mm1130*920*22301500*1180*21501800*1900*18002000*1900*1800
Machine Weight   kg3005009501200
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