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Marine Waste Compactor On Ship

Marine Waste Compactor, refers to the domestic garbage produced by the crew on ship, which is mainly divided into recyclable garbage, kitchen waste, hazardous garbage and other garbage. In order to avoid polluting the marine environment, these garbage will generally be packed on ship and recycled after landing.

marine waste compactor

So how does a Marine Waste Compactor work?

The cardboard compactor machine mainly uses the hydraulic cylinder to compress materials, drives the oil pump to work through the rotation of the motor, extracts the hydraulic oil in the oil tank from the oil drum, transports it to the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic oil pipe, and drives the piston rod to longitudinally extrude the materials in the compression chamber, so as to achieve the purpose of compression and volume reduction. Then the compressed package block is extruded from the discharge port through the extrusion of the side oil cylinder.

In order to adapt to the narrow environment on board, marine waste balers are generally compact and occupy a small space. In terms of treatment efficiency, the daily compression capacity of this kind of equipment can reach 5 tons, and the compression ratio can reach 10:1, which can effectively compress the crew’s domestic waste. In terms of equipment operation, fully automatic one-key operation is adopted, and the safety protection system of opening the door to cut off the power and closing the door to get power is configured to ensure safe production under the condition of simple operation.


Apparently, our marine waste compactor is designed to be smart, safe and secure, and can also be configured into waterproof, lightning protection and anti-corrosion outdoor products. As soon as the device was launched, it was favored by shipping owners and bosses in various industries. We have been praised by all walks of life for our excellent product quality. The power parts, hydraulic parts and electrical parts of our marine waste compactors are all imported brand configurations, which meet the safety standards of the European industry and ensure the stable, safe and secure operation of the equipment.

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