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Organic Waste Management

Organic materials come from living plants and animals, like fruit and vegetables waste, kitchen waste, supermarket waste, expired food waste, etc. Organic waste are best managed as a resource rather than a waste. Organic waste are part of our life, how to manage organic waste and turn them into valuable and clean resource is a high priority of the waste center.

The most common ways to manage waste is reduction and reuse, landfill. Generally recycling organic materials by composting, anaerobic digestion, land application and other organics recycling technologies reduces the generation of greenhouse gases, making a green and cleaner environment for human beings.

Siedon provides quality organic waste management system with over 200 successful cases. The process flow with the following steps: storage,screw feeding, shredding, dewatering and screw discharge. Further processing such as fermentation,composting and pyrolysis is optional. The volume of organic waste will down to 5% after pre-treatment and fermentation.

Features of Organic Waste System:

  • With all closed transferring system methods and spiral conveyor prevents material overflow, operating environment is more safe and sanitary
  • Equipped with a small lifer to feed, save time and labor cost
  • The parameters of organic waste shredders and dewatering machines can be adjusted to broad adaptability
  • Allow small sanitation vehicles directly feeding to simplify the organic waste management process
  • Less than 40kW / hour design power for energy saving
organic waste process

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