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In order to make the high-moisture materials recycle efficiently, Siedon Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a screw press dehydrator machine which is suitable for pre-treatment and dehydration of high-moisture materials. The screw press dehydrator can be widely used in the dewatering and pressing of kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable waste, brewer’s grains, biogas residue, medicinal residue, corn fiber, and various crude fibers. So that it can be further processed and utilized, and the comprehensive utilization capacity can be improved.

The raw materials can directly enter the drying or fermentation equipment, which greatly reduces the energy consumption. This screw press dehydrator reduces the management cost of facility wear and maintenance, meets the requirements of safe and stable operation, maximizes material utilization, and maximizes enterprise benefits. In terms of structure, the advantages are simple design, convenient operation and maintenance, and technological performance reaches the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad.

Main structure of screw press dewatering machine: DAP3000 screw press dehydrator machine is mainly composed of feed box, bearing seat, variable diameter screw shaft, water filter frame, water filter cage, screen, machine base, coupling, motor, reducer and gearbox. and other components.

Its working principle is: the material enters the extruder from the feeding port, and under the action of the variable diameter screw, the material and liquid are compressed in volume, so that the moisture in the material liquid is quickly separated through the porous filter cartridge, while the solid Under the action of continuous compression, the moisture content of the material gradually decreases to become a filter residue, and finally it is discharged out of the machine under the action of the screw conveying.

After the material is squeezed, most of the water is filtered out from the screen. The dehydrated materials can be directly fed into the dryer for drying or fermentation treatment. For different types of materials, changes in output, and different requirements for the discharge of solid phase and liquid phase indicators, it can be achieved by adjusting the speed of the extruder to achieve the dehydration effect and output.

Video Show of Dewatering Screw Press:

Screw Press Dehydrator User Manual

  1. Before starting the machine, check whether the transmission system is abnormal and whether the screw and the screen are rubbing. If there is any abnormality, check the reason and make adjustments.
  2. Turn the speed control knob, adjust the speed to the minimum position and start it, and adjust the speed of the extruder after starting.
  3. The material can be fed only after the normal start-up.
  4. After about 5 minutes after feeding, the water content of the discharged material is stable and normal.
  5. During the working process, if it is found that the extruded material does not meet the technological requirements, you can turn the speed control knob to adjust the speed to the ideal position.
  6. When stopping the machine, stop feeding first, discharge the material completely out of the machine, open the cage cover and rinse the inside and outside of the machine with clean water. Then stop the machine, otherwise the material will dry out and block the spiral screen gap, which will cause the machine to start and filter water when it is turned on again. difficulty.
  7. Maintenance and troubleshooting
  8. Check the lubricating oil level frequently, replenish lubricating oil in time, and replace lubricating oil and bearing grease once a year.

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