Cardboard Recycling Balers/Waste Compactors

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Cardboard Recycling Compressing cardboard is an easy, simple and effective way of getting rid of your cardboard recycling trouble. Siedon Cardboard Recycling Balers save your company time, money and space as well as improve your recycling efficiency - the largest waste stream for most companies is cardboard. Time – no

Types of Waste Baler Machine

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Types of Waste Baler Machine What is baler machine? Waste Baler Machine also called baling press machine or trash compactor. It aims to compact recycle waste materials into dense bales. This baling machine makes transportation and storage more convenient and cost effective. Baler machines are normally made of steel and with hydraulic

EPS Compactor for Recycling Is the Most Economical Option

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EPS Compactor for Recycling Is the Most Economical Option According to the newest paper released in Science, the amount of EPS waste that pollutes the sea has actually raised to 29 million tons per year by 2040, and also the waste is flooding. In certain, it is best to use a EPS

Top 10 Most Recycled Materials

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Top 10 Most Recycled Materials   There are very few consumer products that cannot be recycled, but some are easier and more economical to do than others. And some are more critically important to recycle. This list of the most recycled materials, and examples of how and what they are recycled for, will