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Food Waste Crushing and Dewatering Machine

Food waste crushing and dewatering machine is the key equipment for the harmless treatment of food garbage in garbage transfer stations and vegetable markets. Dewatering organic waste offers a number of positive benefits for businesses, across a wide variety of sectors, from food and drink to agriculture.

food waste crushing and dewatering machine

The treatment process of the food waste crushing and dewatering machine is as follows:

  1. The food waste pretreatment system is composed of sealed receiving hopper, negative pressure sorting platform, magnetic separator, double-shaft crusher, drum screening machine, depackaging machine, screw press dehydrator, shaftless screw conveyor, baler, anaerobic system, etc. The whole pretreatment system is installed and arranged in the pretreatment workshop.
  2. The kitchen waste collected by the collection vehicle is put into the sealed receiving bin and conveyed to the negative pressure sorting platform by the conveyor, where large metal substances are separated by the magnetic separator.
  3. The sorted kitchen waste is conveyed to the double-shaft shear crusher (kitchen waste crusher) by the screw to crush the organic materials, plastic bags and other foreign substances in the kitchen waste.
  4. The crushed materials are conveyed to the drum-type screening machine through the shaftless screw conveyor to sort out the solid plastics and lunch boxes in the materials and send them to the baling machine for compression and packaging, and then send them to the domestic waste incineration plant.
  5. Screen that screened coarse impurity again through a depackaging machine, conveying the screened impurities to a dewatering machine through a shaftless screw, dewater the impurities, incinerating the impurities, and discharging the remaining organic slurry into a fermentation tank for fermentation.
  6. A pneumatic cover is added on the top of the silo. The pretreatment system and its material conveying process are all closed and negative pressure. The odor gas is led out by the induced draft fan and collected to the deodorization system for deodorization treatment.
Kitchen Waste Recycling Machines
Food waste crushing and dewatering machine

Advantages of Food Waste Crushing and Dewatering System:

  • Mature technology and high system stability: more than 20 kitchen/kitchen waste plants built by focusing on wet and semi-dry anaerobic fermentation technology of kitchen/kitchen waste for many years have been in stable operation so far
  • It has independent R & D capability and independent intellectual property core technology.
  • Siedon designed different schemes for different materials and characteristics, with 2-year warranty and maintenance period
  • The pretreatment unit of the process does not need a complex sorting process, is particularly suitable for organic garbage with high impurity content, and has low organic matter loss.
  • The pretreatment unit does not need to add external process water, thereby reducing the biogas slurry treatment cost at the rear end.
  • The process can simultaneously treat the kitchen waste and the kitchen waste mixture, thereby reducing the plant construction cost.
  • The operation energy consumption is low, which ensures the economy of the plant.

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Video of Food Waste Crushing and Dewatering:

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