Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

Organic Waste Dehydrator With Shredding Machine

At present, most cities in China do not implement waste classification, and still use the backward landfill method to deal with domestic waste and organic waste. The failure of municipal solid waste classification and recycling will have a negative impact on the effective treatment of waste and resource utilization. The content of inorganic substances in municipal solid waste is relatively high.

Through harmless comprehensive treatment and recovery, pollution can be reduced and resources can be saved.A lot of domestic waste is kitchen waste, including leftovers, bones, roots, leaves and other food waste, which can produce 0.3-0.5 tons of organic fertilizer and bio-oil per ton through harmless treatment such as composting by organic waste disposal equipment. Purchasing organic waste dehydrator with shredding machine with strong comprehensive performance can do better organic waste management.

So how does the organic waste dehydrator with shredding machine turn organic waste into treasure?

  • The kitchen waste dewatering machine adopts the technology of crushing, dewatering, screening and depackaging to treat the kitchen waste harmlessly. Kitchen waste is converted into bio-organic fertilizer and crude oil through various processes without secondary pollution.
  • In order to reduce the waste of resources and the pollution of food waste to the environment, the system uses a complete set of mechanical equipment to deal with food waste, realize resource recovery, make food waste become wealth and indispensable feed for aquaculture industry.
  • Crushing, dehydrating and drying the garbage to make the garbage into high-calorie feed, and the color of the feed is golden yellow. The particles are uniform, which thoroughly solves the environmental pollution caused by the random disposal of catering waste by urban catering groups.
  • Carry out aerobic fermentation or anaerobic fermentation on organic matters, and convey that primarily screened garbage into a high-activity biological humic acid fertilizer.
Dehydrator With Shredding Machine

Siedon Technology Organic Waste Dehydrator With Shredding Machine

  1. Can be applied in various fields: Large restaurant street, hotel, canteen, community, market, school. In these places where food waste is relatively concentrated, the use of food waste treatment equipment for food waste source treatment can reduce the classification of food waste. Transport and handle pressure for better economic and social benefit
  2. Garbage transfer station and garbage compression station, large and medium-sized kitchen treatment equipment installed in the garbage transfer station and compression station, can save land, give full play to the role of kitchen treatment equipment and other domestic waste treatment equipment.
  3. For large kitchen waste treatment plantAs the supporting treatment equipment of the landfill siteLivestock and poultry breeding units for the disposal of livestock and poultry carcasses, and garden units for the disposal of garden waste.
  4. On-the-spot treatment equipment for garbage in large-scale agricultural market.
Food Waste Treatment Process
Kitchen Waste
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