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How to Choose A Right Screw Press Dehydrator?

Screw Press Dehydrator machine has become the main equipment for solid-liquid separation and extrusion dewatering in industry because of its continuity, environmental protection and durability. The screw press is suitable for various materials, has a wide application range, is suitable for juicing fruits and vegetables, and is also suitable for squeezing and dehydrating various kitchen wastes, especially for multi-fiber, large-particle or strip-shaped materials.

Advantages of Screw Press Dehydrator

  • Practicability: The dehydrator has a fast slag-liquid separation speed, the water content of the separated slag is between 50-65%, the slag discharge amount and the water content can be adjusted, materials with different compositions can be applied, the transportation is convenient, and the solid particles are very suitable for being used as raw materials of fish feed and organic fertilizer and the like.
  • Durability: The screens and dragons of the dehydrator are made of nickel alloy steel and high-strength carbon steel, which are corrosion-resistant, high-strength and have long service life.
  • Economy: The equipment has a high degree of automation, occupies a small area and is easy to operate.
  • High efficiency: Dynamic high voltage regulation and high load capacity. Spiral internal belt propulsion design not only prevents the phenomenon of material return, but also plays a slight role in crushing. For some materials that only require volume reduction and weight reduction, it can achieve 50% dehydration reduction effect.

How to Choose A Right Screw Press Dehydrator?

When choosing a Screw Press Dehydrator, customers should first consider the purpose of pressing and make clear what the material is, whether it is a single material or a mixed material.

Different presses have different capacity to process materials in unit time according to the requirements of pressing capacity.

Different working environments. The working environment of the screw press dehydrator has a great impact on the screening operation, such as the closure of the site, the humidity, the safety, and the requirements for pollution, all of which play a reference role in the selection of models.

The screw shape of the dehydrator plays a key role in the dewatering. Generally speaking, the diameter screw press is used for the material with fluid and slimy, and the variable diameter screw press is used for the material with more fiber content and more solid substances. At the same time, the granularity, stickiness (the length of fermentation time), moisture content, shape, density and hardness of the material are all important factors in choosing a screw dehydrator.To use screw dehydrator to squeeze dry materials, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge and understanding of many materials.

Screw Press Dehydrator
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