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Solid-Liquid Separation – Screw Press Separator Machine

The generation of daily kitchen waste from the food industry need to be treated in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Depending on the type of waste, a variety of waste disposal alternatives are available through fermentation, separation, biofuel conversion, composting, extraction, etc.Choosing the right waste treatment process helps meet environmental regulations and provides useful by-products for further processing, recycling or animal consumption. After the kitchen waste is extruded and dehydrated, the volume and weight of the kitchen waste are reduced, and the transportation cost is reduced. The reduction in moisture content provides flexibility in the disposal of solid waste from expired food and kitchen waste.

The kitchen waste pre-treatment process involves several steps: crushing, organic separation, and dehydration.

Common dewatering processes use mechanical separation methods such as screens, screw presses, belt presses, vacuum filters, and centrifuges, which can be combined with additional forces such as electric fields, ultrasound, vibration, chemical treatment, etc. This paper introduces the application of screw press separator machine in the treatment of kitchen waste.

The Screw Press Separator Machine adopts a screw extrusion mode for dehydration. After the screw press separator is started, the garbage to be dewatered is evenly added from the feed in side. The scrap moves axially to the discharge end under the push of the spiral rotating blade. Under the action of huge extrusion force, the garbage completes the mechanical dehydration operation. The water is discharged through the screen at the water outlet, and the dehydrated garbage is discharged from the discharge box. After dehydration, the moisture content of the material is about 70%, and the volume is reduced by 60% to 80%. The final kitchen waste treatment or the solid-liquid separation of the anaerobic digester biogas slurry significantly reduces the overall management cost.

The Screw Press Separator Machine of Siedon Technology includes a screw shaft, a filter screen, a feed inlet and a discharge outlet. You can choose different screen diameter, screen type and aperture size according to your needs. In order to improve the dehydration efficiency, we adopt a non-clogging design to prevent the delivery pump from clogging.High quality electric motor and reducer accessories for use.

Features of Screw Press Separator:

  • The garbage dehydrator can adjust the pressure according to your raw material requirements.
  • Stainless steel rust protection is optional.
  • Can be continuously dehydrated without complex operation control.
  • Enclosed to minimize odor and noise
  • The dehydration rate is about 80%.The dehydration rate of the dehydrator varies with different raw materials.
  • Automatic operation, low investment and high return.
  • Dustproof and waterproof, long service life.
  • Low maintenance and operation costs.
Screw Press Separator
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