Industrial Waste Shredder And Depackaging Machine For Waste Disposal

SIEDON Waste De-packager Organic Separator

The organic separator De-packager machine DK series developed by Siedon Technology, which specializes in shredder manufacturing, has been verified for many years with excellent effect in separating.

Organic Separator Function:

Organic materials containing impurities are crushed, and at the same time, most of the organic matter and inorganic matter are separated by screening. By changing the configuration of the screen, only the liquid and a small amount of organic solids in the organic matter are separated. It can deal with kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable waste, MSW and so on.

Organic Separator
Organic Separator

Process of Waste De-packager Organic Separator:

The strength composition of organic and inorganic materials is quite different, and most inorganic materials have higher toughness (such as plastics, chopsticks, metals). The equipment makes use of the property differences between materials to achieve the purpose of fine crushing and separation through the combined action of appropriate hammering impact force, centrifugal force and wind force.

  1. When the material enters the equipment from the hopper, it is impacted by the blunt force of the hammer knife inside the equipment, the organic matter is flattened, and a large amount of water is discharged from the equipment through the filter screen.
  2. The hammer knife strikes the material further so that the organic matter is broken into smaller sizes. And most of that inorganic substance are not broken or are large in size. If the mesh of the screen is large, the organic matter will be discharged out of the screen by hammering force, extrusion force and centrifugal force, and the inorganic matter will stay in the screen due to its large size.
  3. If the mesh of the screen is small, the water is filtered out, and fine organic matter with low water content is finally formed.
  4. The inorganic matter is discharged from the end of the screen and is generally connected to the high-pressure screw dehydrator to further reduce the moisture content, which is conducive to outward transportation, incineration or filling.

Organic Separator DK series is heavy equipment with high strength, good stability and long service life, which is suitable for long-term operation integrated in large systems. It is equipped with an automatic lubrication pump, so that the situation of long-term operation without maintenance can be avoided. Even if the material contains some kinds of impurities, it can run stably and does not need any front-end screening equipment. It plays a significant role in simplifying the process of the whole line and reducing the cost of equipment use and maintenance.

Organic Waste Separator Disposal Customer Case:

  • Project: 300 tons/day kitchen waste treatment
  • Address: Xinjiang, China
  • Production line: 2 lines
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