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How To Choose A Right Waste Crusher?

Waste crusher is a solid waste processing machine, which can be used to crush large, hard, thick and heavy materials into small pieces for subsequent treatment and disposal. Double-shaft garbage crushers are widely used in waste treatment. Solid waste includes industrial waste, construction waste, electronic waste and domestic waste.These wastes vary in size and weight and have different physical and chemical properties. By using a twin-shaft crusher, the garbage can be broken down into smaller pieces, making it easier to transport and dispose of.

Faced with a wide variety of garbage crushers on the market, are you worried about how to choose a suitable garbage crusher? If you want to improve the efficiency of waste crusher equipment, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of crushed materials, the methods of crushing materials, the classification of crushing equipment and so on.

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What should we do when choosing a right waste crusher?

  1. Material type and hardness: material type and hardness is an important principle for selecting the crusher. Different materials have different hardness. Usually, Mohs hardness is used to express the hardness of the material. Mohs hardness is divided into 10 levels, the greater the number of Mohs hardness, the harder the material, the greater the difficulty of crushing, and vice versa.
  2. Moisture content of the material: The moisture content of the material will also affect the selection of the crusher. When the moisture content is too high, the fine-grained material will agglomerate or stick to the coarse-grained material due to the increase of humidity, thus increasing the viscosity of the material, reducing the discharge speed and reducing the productivity. When it is serious, it will even cause the blockage of the discharge outlet and affect the normal production.
  3. Particle size of feeding and discharging materials: the particle size of feeding and discharging materials is used to decide the model and crushing level of the required crushing equipment.
  4. Construction site: The size of the construction site is also one of the factors that people consider when choosing a crusher.
  5. The output is also an important indicator to determine the selection of crushing equipment. The conventional understanding is that the higher the output requirement, the larger the size of crushing equipment required, and the corresponding input and output will increase.
Double-shaft garbage crushers

Specification of Waste Crusher:

ModelPowerBlade thickness(optional)Chamber Size
TS30303.0 KW12/20/30 mm280*300 mm
TS40507.5 KW12/20/30 mm400*480 mm
TS506011 KW12/20/30 mm500*600 mm
TS609022 KW12/20/30 mm650*900 mm

Siedon technology uses intelligent system to monitor the whole production process, centralized control and timely feedback of operation data to the general control center, forming an effective early warning mechanism, effectively reducing equipment operation failure rate and maintenance time, reducing maintenance and operation costs, and greatly improving the operation efficiency of the production line.

Application of Waste Crusher:

Bulk waste, organic waste, industrial hazardous waste, electronic waste, plastic waste, kitchen waste, metal waste, waste tires, paper mill rope, biomass integrated, plastic packaging barrels, leather/fabric scraps

Two Shaft Crushers play a vital role in solid waste disposal applications. It not only contributes to the classification and recycling of waste, but also plays an important role in environmental protection and sustainable development.

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