Waste Baler

Twin Chamber Garbage Compactor

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Twin Chamber Garbage Compactor Model BH203 Siedon's Twin Chamber Compactor is one of the most versatile vertical balers in our baling press machine collection. It is suit for paper, cardboard, film, plastic bottle, chemical drums, tin cans, empty paint tins, textile, fiber, foam, baggasse,and any other soft packagings. Feature of

Aluminum Can Baler Recycling Baler

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Aluminum Can Baler Model BH103C The Aluminum Can Baler is a baling machine that used to compress aluminum cans or tin cans into dense balers for wasy transportation and storage. This machine can greatly save your transportation cost and storage cost. Also it saves a lot natural resource and decreases

Pneumatic Garbage Compactor

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Pneumatic Garbage Compactor BP102 Featuring a footprint of just over 3 square feet, the Pneumatic Garbage Compactor is a small size, compact vertical baler that surprisingly large amount of cardboard or plastic trash. Despite it's small size, the model BP102 can create bales of up to 90kg (plastic) and 40kg

Twin Chamber Pneumatic Baler

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Twin Chamber Pneumatic Baler Model BP202 Twin Chamber Pneumatic Baler Model BP202 is ideal for waste sorting, each chamber can have a dedicated waste type labeled on the door. This means that sorted waste can be placed directly into the baler rather than having a separate sorting area. The practical

General Waste Compactor

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General Waste Compactor Model BH102 General Waste Compactor BH102 is smallest baler for general waste or marine waste. This important process in recycling resolves the problem of space and efficiency in facilities like malls, retail stores, shipyard, vessels, apartments etc. The volume reduction is approximately 3:1, this will mean reduced